Life’s too short to read books you don’t adore 

I used to read a lot, and by a lot, I mean, I read every single thing I could get my hands on. Novels, check. Medicine bottles, check. Scientific books about eyesight, check. Parenting magazines, check. I was basically starving for words and anything was good enough for me.

Now, though, I’ve become busier and have wider access to books, so I’ve become much more picky in my taste. I sometimes think wistfully of the days when no book was too boring for me, but for the most part, I’m happy with my new reading habits.

Life’s too short to read books you don’t adore. There are millions of books out there and I can never hope to read them all. So if I’m not enjoying a book by … the first three or four chapters … I ditch it. If I’m halfway through a book and just lose interest, I stop. If I’m not dying to read the rest of the story … I don’t. 

Different people have different reading habits and I totally get that. This is simply what works for me.