why i write

Yes. I’m writing this post. I’m tackling this monster of a question.

Why I write … it’s overwhelming to attempt such a post and I think I know why. It’s simply because there are so many reasons I write. It would be easier to write a post of “why DON’T I write”. There would be three answers: 1. I have nothing to say. 2. I’m too tired to go through the often emotionally draining process. and 3. I’m procrastinating. 

But … why do I write?

**rubs hands** Let’s get started. 

1. Writing helps me to understand myself.

I will always be something of a mystery to myself. But writing my thoughts down does help me to clarify them. 

2. I have a billion and one stories swimming in my head.

And I want to share them with the world. Or even if I don’t, simply putting them down on paper means I have some concrete representation of the story … it makes them that much more real and satisfying.

3. I like to have written.

There’s something so satisfying about looking back at my old works or being able to say to myself that yes I have written a novel! Egotistical? Probably. But still awesome.

4. Through writing, I can live a million different lives.

It’s like reading stories – they transport you to different worlds. There’s that saying – something about how a man who reads lives a thousand lives but a man who doesn’t read lives only one. Writing is something like that except  you can influence your destiny. YOU are in complete control.

I think much of the appeal of writing come from the fact that I lived a very sheltered childhood. Writing was my way of living the life I never could.

It’s very interesting. I’ve realised that, if not for my unusual upbringing, I might never have become this serious about writing.

5. I just … have this compulsion.

I was going to list “writing is fun” as one of my reasons. But I realised, that’s not exactly true. A lot of times, writing IS fun. But more often than not, it’s really. freakin. hard. 

But I write anyway, because I just have this compulsion to type words. To vomit thoughts. To move my fingers and shape letters. 

Writers often say they write because they can’t NOT write. As cliched as it sounds, this is kinda true for me. If I didn’t write, I wouldn’t necessarily go crazy. But I would much rather write than not write … and that’s reason enough for me.