I’m back! Long time no see.  I’ve got holidays now and after just finishing “Shiver”, by Maggie Stiefvater, I’m getting the writing bug again. Looking at Stiefvater’s novels –  like how many has she published exactly? and how awesome do they all sound?! – never fails to depress me but it also wakes me up from my normal person coma and inspires me to become a writer person once again. 

I’m not sure how long this will last but I’ll grab the chance while I can! 

Everything about writing is like really really hard and choosing a story to write is no exception. Over the years, I’ve formed lists full of story ideas and it’s always growing, much faster than my typing can keep up with. So, partly to clarify my story ideas and hopefully come to a decision (but mostly for pure fun), here are some of my top story/novel/novella ideas:

1. Twelve Dancing Princesses retelling

The original story has always intrigued (and sorta frustrated) me because there’s so much left untold. Why was there a magical world down there with jewelled trees and handsome princes? And did the princesses really agree to stop going there after they were discovered? Wasn’t the soldier or the king curious about the world? 

There’s so much potential waiting to be explored. 

2. I Crashed My Friends 

This is about a teenager who kills his friends/girlfriend in a car crash and suffers from the subsequent guilt. 

3. My Technological Lover 

A girl falls in love with Siri. It’d be hilarious and probably the main reason I want to write it is so I can test out Siri’s responses myself. 

4. Dystopian Trilogy 

I haven’t figured out the finer details of this one but I do have several characters who are horrible people but I love anyway and it’ll be a totally dark and gloomy and depressing story with intrigue and secrets. It’s more about a dystopian government forming rather than a dystopian government that’s already there. We already have lots of stories like that but where are the stories about the people who let that government come into being?

5. A paranormal novel

I would love to write something really beautiful and haunting and supernatural. I’ve got a couple ideas. There’s the one about the werewolf posing as a clueless dad. There’s the one about the ghost girl. 

6. Murder mystery 

It’s about an uber dysfunctional family and the father is murdered and …. you can probably guess the suspects.

7. A script with a twist

I’ve been really enjoying writing scripts lately so I’d love to build my skills in that. In fact, I’ve always preferred writing dialogue over description, and actually my description skills kinda suck. So scripts are perfect for me. And even better if I can add awesome twists to them! 

8. We Are Happy 

It’s a dystopian story set in a world where no one is allowed to show sadness. It’s creepy as hell.

9. “Wallflower Social Club”

This might only be a short story. It’s based on a title prompt and basically the title says it all. 


Well, that’s about it I can think of for now but I have many more half baked ideas and old skeletons of stories. I also have a handful of scripts I want to write for film projects. 

I always love hearing other people’s ideas, so now tell me: what are you planning to write?