20 Things Before I’m 20

  1. Color my hair an unusual color
  2. Get a cartilage piercing
  3. Join a glee club
  4. Join the circus club
  5. Go to another prom
  6. Learn another programming language (I know Python right now)
  7. Write at least 5 short stories
  8. Get a set of fairy lights
  9. Get my restricted license
  10. Participate in a psychology study/research project
  11. Go clubbing
  12. Spend Valentine’s day with somebody
  13. Perform music on a stage again
  14. Go to at least one counselling session
  15. Donate blood
  16. Take part in the 48 Hour Film Festival
  17. Go to a Pride parade (or a gay bar if I miss the first)
  18. Learn to manage my depression and anxiety in a healthy way (if not completely overcome them)
  19. Progress on the journey of learning to love myself and learn to be happy with being alone. (But, also if I could make friends and find a partner, that would be amazing :P)
  20. Continue to pursue knowledge and art