I’m Tara.

I’m in my second year of a Bachelor of Arts double majoring in psychology and English.

I’m always singing (much to the embarrassment of everyone I go out in public with).

Music makes life worth living. Always.

I’m an actor and writer.

Pansexual. INFP. Type 4.

I find meaning through stories.

I wear crazy lipstick.

Extremely confused.

Here’s a list of all my favorite things at the moment.


I have a Wattpad with a few stories, which rather terrifies me. Be nice, ‘kay?

I’ve lost count of my tumblrs. Find my main here.

My Twitter handle is @downtownsong.

Add me on Facebook if you want to talk cuz I’m always there! (shoot me a message on tumblr or comment for my name)

Check out my Youtube channel, where I post covers and original songs, here.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Aye, words are magic, and I see what you mean when you talk about immortality to real ALL books! :D I only just stopped by and found this blog quite interesting. I guess you’re my age, hello anyway!


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