I’m Tara.

I’m in my first year of a Bachelor of Arts majoring in psychology and drama.

I’m always singing (much to the embarrassment of everyone I go out in public with).

I like black and white stuff.

I wear crazy lipstick.


I like to laugh creepily every once in a while. #notweirdatall

I’m extremely confused.

Here’s a list of all my favorite things at the moment.


I have a Wattpad with a few stories, which rather terrifies me. Be nice, ‘kay?

I’ve got two tumblrs. One is dark and pretty and emo and the other is food, jokes, and cute guys. Two different sides of my mind.

I am rather proud of them both.

My Twitter handle is @downtownsong.

Add me on Facebook if you want to talk cuz I’m always there! (shoot me a message on tumblr or comment for my name)

Check out my Youtube channel, where I post covers and original songs, here.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Aye, words are magic, and I see what you mean when you talk about immortality to real ALL books! :D I only just stopped by and found this blog quite interesting. I guess you’re my age, hello anyway!


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