Happy Medium

image Title: Happy Medium

Written: 12 July, 2015 – 31 July, 2015

Genre: Contemporary New Adult

Status: First draft completed (41,467 words)

Blurb: Teresa Robinson attempts to matchmake the students in her university course, but events don’t turn out quite as she plans.

Setting: A small university in the USA

Pinterest board: In progress

Random thoughts

I’m lowkey proud of this cover.

The reasons behind the title are … Teresa is trying to matchmake her classmates (many of whom hate each other) so she’s sort of the “medium” between them. Also, it’s about self discovery so some of the characters eventually come to know their “happy medium”, in figuring out who they are. I don’t even know. I didn’t have inspiration for a name and this seemed the best!

This is honestly the best first draft of a novel I’ve completed.

I set my record of 14,000 words written in a day with this novel. 

I’m probably more of a contemporary writer, I’ve realised. 

This was such a fun novel to write. It was completely “pantsed” and friendships, romance, and self discovery all happened seemingly out of my control, like magic. 

Hoping to edit it this year. 


It gave her a headache. She would like to give up … sit down and just be a normal person, binging on ice cream and TV. But that wasn’t her …. she was a helper. She was a feeler. She cared. She had a mission. There could be no breaks for Teresa Robinson. 

She sighed, leaned against the fridge, and pulled out a peach. 


She laughed unbelievingly, “What’s up with you? … But for the record, I don’t call people friends who I’ve known for three weeks.”

“So cold.”

“Geez, what a surprise!” said Lauren. “I always seemed like such a friendly person, didn’t I?”

Julian closed his eyes, “Can you be an agreeable person for … two seconds?”

Lauren tossed back her blond hair, “Nope. That would mean I’d have to stop living, then I wouldn’t technically be a person.”

“You’re right.” Even her breathing made him want to kill her. “Your parents must be so proud -”

“Don’t.” Lauren’s glare was murder. “Just. Don’t.” 


“Hey,” said Mikayla, “the jellybeans are good.”

“What?” Rose turned to look. “Mika! Stop eating jellybeans, there’s potatoes and chicken here.”

Gavin looked up, “Did you know that jellybeans are chewy because they’re covered in bug’s feces?”

Mika made a face, choking on the jellybeans still in her mouth.

“Thank you, boy!” said Leslie.