Ten Teens


Title: Ten Teens

Written: November 2013

Genre: Contemporary

Status: First draft completed (~40,000-50,000 words)

Blurb: It’s Dyra’s last year of high school but everything seems to be going wrong. Somehow, tragedy follows wherever she goes.

Setting: USA, in present day

Random thoughts:

This was my first completed full length novel.

My brother read it while I was writing. I applaud his endurance skills, because that novel was … hehe, let’s not go into it.

I wrote this novel because my sisters drew ten characters (7 girls, 3 boys) and asked me to write a story about them. One of them was supposed to be the “villain” and that was about all the plot I had.

I’m not going to edit this novel and I’ve unfortunately lost the manuscript, but I’ve transported some of the characters into my dystopian novel and superhero novel.